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Actinidia arguta - Hardy Kiwi

Campsis radicans 'Balboa Sunset' - Balboa Sunset Trumpetvine

Campsis radicans 'Stromboli' - Atomic Red™ Trumpetvine

Campsis x tagliabuana 'Madame Galen' - Madame Galen Trumpetvine

Celastrus scandens - American Bittersweet

Clematis 'Asao' - Asao Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Bourbon' - Bourbon Clematis

Clematis 'Claire De Lune' - Claire De Lune Clematis

Clematis 'Diamantina' - Diamantina Clematis

Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh' - Duchess of Edinburgh Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Evipo075' - Samaritan Jo Clematis

Clematis 'Evipo079' - Boulevard® Nubia™ Clematis

Clematis 'Evipo098' - Sarah Elizabeth™ Clematis

Clematis 'Evipo111' - Tranquilite™ Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Fleuri' - Fleuri Clematis

Clematis 'Gillian Blades' - Gillian Blades Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Jackmanii' - Jackmanii Clematis

Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba' - Jackmanii Superba Clematis

Clematis 'Kardinal Wyszynski' - Kardinal Wyszynski Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Madame Julia Correvon' - Madame Julia Correvon Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Mrs. N. Thompson' - Mrs. N. Thompson Clematis

Clematis 'Multi Blue' - Multi Blue Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Piilu' - Piilu Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Pink Champagne' - Pink Champagne Clematis

Clematis 'Rebecca' - Rebecca Clematis

Clematis 'Rooguchi' - Rooguchi Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' - Rouge Cardinal Clematis

Clematis 'Sapphire Indigo' - Sapphire Indigo Clematis

Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love' * - Sweet Summer Love Clematis

Clematis 'The President' - The President Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Vancouver Fragrant Star' - Eye Of The Storm™ Clematis (New For 2022)

Clematis 'Warsaw Nike' - Warsaw Nike Clematis

Clematis paniculata - Vase Vine Clematis

Humulus lupulus 'Nugget' - Nugget Ornamental Golden Hops

Lonicera 'Mandarin' - Mandarin Trumpet Honeysuckle

Lonicera periclymenum 'Peaches And Cream' * - Peaches And Cream Honeysuckle

Lonicera x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet' - Dropmore Scarlet Trumpet Honeysuckle

Lonicera x heckrottii - Goldflame Honeysuckle

Mandevilla 'Sun Parasol Pink' - Sun Parasol® Pink Mandevilla

Muehlenbeckia complexa - Wire Vine

Parthenocissus quinquefolia 'var. englemannii' - Englemann Ivy

Parthenocissus tricuspidata - Boston Ivy

Rosa 'John Cabot' - John Cabot Rose

Rosa 'Ramblin' Red' - Ramblin' Red Rose

Rosa 'Stairway To Heaven' * - Stairway To Heaven Rose

Rosa 'William Baffin' - William Baffin Rose

Rosa 'ZLEeltonStrack' - Above And Beyond™ Rose

Solanum jasminoides 'Aurea' - Variegated Potato Vine

Thunbergia alata 'DL1501' - Tangerine Slice A-Peel® Black-Eyed Susan

Thunbergia alata 'Lemon A-Peel' - Lemon A-Peel® Black-Eyed Susan

Thunbergia alata 'Orange Wonder' - Orange A-Peel® Black-Eyed Susan

Vitis 'Bluebell' - Bluebell Grape

Vitis 'Edelweiss' - Edelweiss Grape

Vitis 'Frontenac' - Frontenac Grape

Vitis 'Itasca' - Itasca Grape

Vitis 'Marquette' - Marquette Grape

Vitis 'Red Seedless' - Red Seedless Grape

Wisteria macrostachya 'Betty Matthews' - Summer Cascade™ Wisteria


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